Broadband bonding question

  • So I'm moving to a area that limits me to 1.5 mbps a dsl connection "being that its so far out from the dslam" and I have seen service like that lets you combine more than one isp connection to double your speed. From what I understand it creates a vpn connection for each ip you connect with back to the co's server and it gets recombined into one connection for faster speeds.

    So what I was wondering is where I'm moving from I have 300/25 service, Would it be possible for me to setup a pfsense box and do some kinda vpn setup for both connections like speedify does that way I don't have to pay another co? I already plan on keeping my service on at my old location to help my mom out. Just didn't if I could combine the speeds from two dsl modems and have a pfsense box on both ends to combine the connections.

  • It should be possible but I think you might need multiple public IP addresses on your VPN server, so that you can specify which WAN interface to use to reach each server.

  • If your ISP will support it pfSense will bond connections using MLPPP.

    Ive used this with my ISP for a number of years now and it works good.  Just one WAN address.

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