IPv6 tunnel

  • I have an account at Hurricane Electric and want to use a IPv6 Tunnel Broker of them. There's a way to setup this tunnel on pfSense?

  • No IPv6 support in pfSense at the moment.  It's all there under the hood (in FreeBSD), just nothing in the UI.

    My understanding is that there is a perceived lack of interest among the developers; I've been floating the of a reasonable sized bounty among several people who would co-contribute in order to see if we can change that perception.

  • I think a great GUI that made it easy for anyone to transfer their network to IPv6 would be a fantastic way of getting pfSense into more places.

    IPv6 is coming, so why not be the one that show the way instead of lurking behind? At the moment it is a bit difficult to transfer a small network to IPv6. Why not make this as simple as turning it on in pfSense, adding a tunnel there and then getting some step-by-step instruction in how to set it up in the most common OS'es.

    For me it is a no-brainer: Just get it done! As soon as I have some money to throw at it, I would even contribute a little.

  • My wife will kill me for this, I'm sure…

    It isn't much, but I'd like to throw $5 in on that bounty...

    More, when we can afford it!!

  • From someone that has implemented IPv6 before I can tell you that the problem is not a simple one
    The protocol is different enough to make it a pain to learn
    Dual stacking can be hard to troubleshoot and implementation isn't exactly strightforward
    There is a pretty big lack of support for it outside of Research, Education and [some] government in the US (Asia is another story).
    That said, I have successfully made the HE tunnel stuff work under pfSense from the CLI.

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