Snort Rules for Industrial Controls Protocols

  • Hey, this thread pertains to my question, but it's a bit old and that's why I'm starting a new one. (

    I know there is a package written and maintained somewhere out there to handle IDS in a manufacturing environment with all the various Industrial Controls protocols (modbus, profinet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, etc) handled correctly.

    I know it's fairly current because these guys ( are using it with their implementation of PFSense for manufacturing and all they are doing is customizing a DIN rail mounted PC with PFSense and preconfiguring this custom Industrial Controls Protocol addon.  I do know that they're not developing it themselves.

    So we had a line on how to get the package licensing, but haven't heard back from our contact so I am now trying to track down the package and licensing on my own.

    Any help would be appreciated.  If I recall correctly, I think Chris and/or Jim were involved in the add-on originally.


  • I thought I would post a quick followup.  I did get some additional information and some corrections.

    I guess Secure Crossing did originally develop the DPI addon and not Chris/Jim, but then sold it to another individual/company due to some legal issues (not their fault, just big business bullies).

    SafeComm is the company that maintains the package now.  I am still having a tough time locating a contact that I can get any information from so if anyone here on the boards has any insight or other avenues for information I would still appreciate it.


  • Netgate

    If you wish to discuss this, I suggest a phone call.

    +1 512 646 4100 x253

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