How to measure total bandwidth used on WAN / ADSL

  • Hi guys,

    Hope you can help :-)  I have been using pfSense for a few months now and all works well.  Unfortunately where I leave we are not going to get BT Infinity but a third party product.

    This caps the bandwidth @ 200GB per month with an extortionate charge for bandwidth consumed above this limit.

    I wanted to track how much bandwidth I currently used per month.  I have searched around and tried BandwidthD but this seems to show me all the traffic including lan to lan.

    Would be very grateful for any recommendations on how I can measure just the WAN traffic.  If it looks like it is above the 200Gb limit I might well bond the old solution to the new one and cap bandwidth of the new one (is this possible).

    Many Thanks!


  • I've used NTopNG (you can install this from the Packages section on your PFS) to monitor traffic and to get long-term stats as well. The only thing to be aware of is the disk space that NTop can use up over time, so make sure you have a sufficiently large drive to handle the logs.

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