Hdparm on pfsense

  • hello guys :) :) :D ;D

    I'm all new to pfsense 8) 8), before using pfsense I used IPCOP with a few add-on. I was wondering if pfsense has hdparm. I thought maybe because a few OS difference between IPCOP and PFSENSE. IPCOP based on linux and PFSENSE based from monowall and BSD. I need information about hdparm does pfsense has its program or not? and which site that I could download it. Thanks

  • I'm not sure what hdparm will do for you unless you figured out how to port pf and all the other goodies over to linux and are running an IDE hard drive.  :)  I may be speaking out of turn here, but in my experience pfsense and m0n0wall don't do much with the hard drive other than store configurations.  Sure, there are packages to install in pfsense but I doubt very much if you will ever truly be disk I/O bound.


  • pfSense isn't gentoo.  Ricing it up isn't necessary or even a particularly good idea.

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