Anyone using Kodi? Cannot get time!

  • Hi Guys,

    After i started using PFsense i noticed that my KODI devices (RPI2 openelec, AMlogic boxes with openlec) will not have the correct time on boot. Its set to Jan 1970 and that does not change until I enter the settings window for NTP on Openelec. After just entering the NTP settings and exiting without changing anyting the time updates.

    There is no hardware clock and openelec needs NTP access to sync time. Ive tried the same openelec boxes on 2 other networks. Behind an Asus router and behind a Microsoft TMG. Here I have no problems. Time is synced on boot.

    I found out that if I set a static IP in openelec and reboot the time is synced just fine when behind PFsense but otherwise not.

    What could be wrong. Something with DHCP?


  • So pfsense is the only DHCP server?
    Are the gateway and DNS settings OK?
    Can you reach the internet?

  • Yes. Only DHCP server. Everything else works just fine. I should say that I am running 2.3 so maybe there is a bug?

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