WAN interface - diferent IP and gateway

  • Dear all,

    I am a new user of pfsense and I have one problem when config WAN interface.
    My Inet provider is giving to me IP for WAN like 77.85.x.x and gateway 83.228.x.x.

    And the question is:
    How to config WAN intyerface ot access Inet?
    Tanks in advance

  • ask them again      ;)

    you need
      their dns servers (should be 2 of these)
      ip address for the firewall wan
      gateway for the wan

  • Hi again!

    Lets give some more detailed information about the situation.

    In our network we are using IP from range 83.228.X.X./30 The gateway is in the same subnet - it is DSL modem.
    And we have also two DNS address. 212.X.X.X
    Everything work fine but the range of IP is not enough. So we request from ISP for more IP.
    We receive IP from different subnet 77.85.X.X/29. The ISP advise us to use the same gateway 83.228.X.X
    | 83.228.X.X  |--------              DSL gateway
    --------------          |            --------------
                                    --------| 83..228.X.X |-----  I'net
    --------------          |            --------------
    | 77.85.X.X  |----------

  • your new IPs should be added as Virtual IPs, in the Firewall menu. you can then use them for NAT.

    your diagram  seems to imply that you might have 2 wires coming out of the modem. this is not correct. you just use the existing wire, no problems.

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