Dfuife.cgi running at 70% cpu on 2.1.5

  • I'm not sure where to post this since I don't know what dfuife does for pfsense, but we have a firewall that on the 15the of Deceber and then again on the 15th of January had the dfuife process running at 70% of the CPU.  I have no idea what it does, and if it is safe to kill? I don't see anything obvious worng in the logs, I need some help finding out what is causing this if possible.  Thanks!

  • no clue if this is somehow a crucial file. don't have any 2.1.5 systems running.

    little chance anyone will attempt to debug this situation on a release that has been followed by 6 more recent versions.
    there have been tens of thousands of code changes since then … that dfuife.cgi hasn't been in base for a while now.

  • Thanks for your response.  I killed the proc, made sure all packages are up to date, and it's been fine for several hours now.  I will be scheduling the upgrade to 2.2.6 in the next 14 days - this sits in front of a customer portal, so we have to give them at least 14 days before we interrupt service :)  maybe I'll get the chance to build a redundant unit out of this…..

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