Problem between 2 pfsenses

  • Hi all,

    I have network with layout as follow:

    I have problem that: when i start 2 pfsense the system is running is ok, but about 1 or 2 hours later the system have problem, from client I can't access to the Internet, I checking by ping from pfsense1 to pfsense 2 the result was "Operation Not Permitted"

    I wan't ask some one have this problem and give me idea to fix this problem

    John Nguyen

    Dear all,

    I used pfsense version 1.2 and config running Ok, but the system just ok about 2 or 3 hours, after that the system very unstable or die, I checking by ping command and get results "ping:sendto:Operation not Permitted", when I restart system => the system is running ok and 2 or 3 hours later the problem again => very crazy!

    Any body, who is meet this problem already? Can you give me solution to resolve this problem?

    John Nguyen

  • Any body, Can you help me? I don't know why?

    rgds, Johnnguyen

  • Pretty interesting setup. I am not going to be terrubly helpful I am sorry to say.

    Any reason why you are not load balancing on the same box you run QoS on?

  • Load Balancing and Traffic Shapping can't running on same box because now the traffic shapping can't perform with Multi Wans.

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