[SOLVED] losing connection in ipsec phase 2

  • Hi all,

    we are currently having big problems losing phase 2 connections on some of our ipsec tunnels.

    Our systems: pfsense 2.2.6 on SG-2240, SG-4680 1U, C2758 1U

    Several times a day the tunnels are going down, phase 1 is still connected, phase 2 is disconnected. It can be restartet manually or after some it restarts automatically.
    In the web configuration (Status -> IPSec) the tunnel is connected, but there are no child SA entries anymore.

    Configuration on both ends is exactly the same (lifetime, protocols…).

    Does anyone having the same problems can give a hint solving this?


  • I have similar problem. We have two phase 2 connections defined. Sometimes one of the two (randomly) is lost and not established again.
    Restart the VPN tunnel and all is ok.

    Also we have V 2.2.6 running.

  • our config:


    phase 1:
    AES 256
    DH group 5
    Lifetime 7800
    NAT-T Auto
    Enable DPD (10/5)

    phase 2:
    AES 256
    Dh group 5
    Lifetime 3600
    Ping host

  • On friday we switched on IKEv2 - no problems since then

  • @kopie0123:

    On friday we switched on IKEv2 - no problems since then


    i have the same issue, but how you can change from IKEv1 to IKEv2?
    Is that option show at the Phase 1 entry or the Phase 2 entry?

  • You can change this on the Phase 1 page.

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