Proxy server routing

  • Dear all,

    At the moment we have an ISA proxyserver that i want to get rid of. Now we have pfsense with proxyserver.

    I cannot make the upstream proxy work and i guess thats because of the routing doesnt work. I dont know where i go wrong and can use some help.

    Isa server has a chaining proxy to server port 3128 SSL 8443
    Route print give

    Now i added this route in Shell to the pfsense
    route add -net

    route to:
            fib: 0
      interface: igb1
          flags: <up,gateway,done,static>recvpipe  sendpipe  ssthresh  rtt,msec    mtu        weight    expire
          0        0        0        0      1500        1        0

    After this i still cannot ping

    When i add this route on my windows machine, i can ping

    On PFsense it is not working.

    I have a few question, on which interface i should add this route to LAN right? I tried both, both didn't work.

    All information is welcome.


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