Two ADSL lines, I do not have modem password

  • I find new job , before me another person use kerio firewall for internet sharing and load balance and fail over .
    We have to ADSL lines and two ADSL line connect to Kerio firewall and another cable is out from Kerio firewall and connect to cisco switch .
    Kerio do not work good and always time we have reboot it for better work .
    My Boss want me solve this problem .
    but I have these problem
    1- I do not have password  of ADSL modem and I do not know ADSL modem config with DHCP or static IP , and I do not know ADSL modems give IPs to Kerio by DHCP or another option .
    2- our default gateway is

    I do not want reset Modem ,

    How I must config pfsense for this problem ?
    I do not want change ADSL modem config .?
    and I want all user set for gateway.

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