PXE Redundancy

  • We are leveraging PXE for a lab environment, which is working well, with pfSense acting as the DHCP server providing the Next-Server settings.

    In the event that the Next Server is not available (down, offline, etc), the hosts attempting to boot will hang at the TFTP attempt - most hosts never fail out, and I cannot find a method to provide a timeout value for this in any of the BIOS operating in this lab.

    Another method would be to create redundant TFTP/Boot servers, but this would require the pfSense DHCP server to support multiple Next–Server entries.

    Anyone know if pfSense supports this, and if so, what is the syntax to use?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't a way to have multiple next-servers, IIRC in the spec the field is only four bytes.

    You could run some IP-level redundancy on the next server IP address (like CARP, VRRP, or something like keepalived on Linux)

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