CARP Master/Backup failure

  • Hello,

    I have implemented two boxes using CARP for my network. I've implemented a first service that runs fine with the loadbalancer. Shutting down the servers, one at a given time, works flawless. Service was up during all the tests.

    Yesterday we had a little presentation for the rest of the it staff and the webinterface was kind of messed up.

    I added a second service to the loadbalanced servers at the LAN interface, added a new virtual ip address and opened Status -> Carp.

    I had three interfaces, two old and the new one. The old ones were in status "Backup" and the new one was marked as "master".

    Then I opened the secondary webinterface and there the first two interfaces were in status "Backup", too. The third interface had a row for the third carp interface but in the column "Carp Interface" there was nothing. The "Virtual IP" column had the correct address and the last column had just the icon for status backup, but was missing the word "Backup" after it.

    I did a few reloads on both servers but nothing changed.

    Then I rebooted the secondary machine and after it was back online all states were shown as expected. All green masters on the primary and all grey backups for the secondary.

    Any explanations? Is this some kind of error, known bug? Just wrong info in the webinterface? Any hints on how to solve this?


  • Im fairly new to CARP stuff… u can read my try's at:,10458.0.html

    I can confirm this happening.

    I had 3 VIP's at master... LAN WAN WAN2
    I created LAN VIP on the backup and then got the CARP working...
    The same happened.. weirdly displayed and only icons showing at the CARP status screen.

    So i deleted all VIP's at backup, then saved CARP settings at Master and it synced VIP's to backup properly.
    I assume it has something to do with the VIP syncing over the one that already existed.

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