Password protect lighttpd

  • Hi ???

    i have protected lighttpd like described in post:,6286.0.html
    But my problem is when i reboot pfsense it restores the /var/etc/lighty-webConfigurator.conf file.

    how can i stop this and it doesn't restore too default or change the default?


  • Modify /etc/inc/

  • Thnx i'm gonna try it out!

  • It works only i think i didn't make it work on the correct way…

    In the file:

    I adjusted this bit:

    /* generate lighttpd configuration /
    $cert, $key, "", $portarg, "/usr/local/www/");

    in to:

    generate lighttpd configuration */
    $cert, $key, "", $portarg, "/usr/local/www/");

    on this way it doesn't adjust the lighty-webConfigurator.conf and it stays like it should…
    but where does it get his change?
    Somewhere has to be the standard lighty-webConfigurator1.conf file so it can recover this?

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