"In theory" is it possible to get 10 WAN ports load balanced

  • Hi all,

    I know its an unusual question, but in theory can you have 10 WAN ports on a PFsense box?

    I have a client that is having an event at a remote location were Time Warner is the only ISP.  All they can do is 50down 5up.  The client claims they need at least 50M up because their bloggers will be uploading a ton of photos.

    I thought of PFsense when he asked about load balancing all the lines into 1 network.

    So my question is, is it possible and will it work?

  • Not that unusual. There are a number of people doing 10+ WANs with multi-WAN.

    Just keep in mind the realities of networking leave you with the ability to upload 10 separate TCP connections at 5 Mb each, not one connection at 50 Mb, in that case.

  • Cool.

    Are there any special things i should look for when doing something like this?  best practices?

    I'm glad to hear its possible.  Anyone that has done something like this have any helpful input?

  • I've done as many as 8 WAN's before. Nothing too weird.

  • Does failover work with that many WANs?

  • @kabrutus:

    Does failover work with that many WANs?

    Sure. 20 WANs is no diff from 2 in that regard.

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