Connecting Pfsense VM to ISP ADSL Router

  • Hi to All

    i am really Noob To PFS sow i hope to found some help here with my conf.

    i Run PfSense on VM true my Home PC

    i set 1 Vm Nic As Bridge and One as NAT

    my local lan address are 10.0.0.X Gw
    my PFS Local Addres on EM1 is
    PFS Wan NIC Set to em0 using DHCP

    my pc conecting to local lan INT on my Adsl Router (d-ling with 4 lan and 1 Adsl Wan)
    and my PC address

    any way i cant set My PFS VM as my main Firewall and let its control all my Traffic in and Out to my local pc's?

  • Topic should be posted under Virtualization installations and techniques

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