Just curious: Why ASSP no more? + ?'s

  • (Note: I know this could cause a stir, but I am more curious. I do not want to get into a debate on which SPAM product is better.)  :)

    I know there was a package for ASSP before my start of using PFSense and I missed the boat.

    Since we have been using ASSP at many offices and on our web server, I wanted to look at ASSP on PFSense again since we most likely will be moving to all PFS firewalls. (And, with the add on of the Outlook ASSP toolbar, it makes it easier for end users to send Spam, no spam emails to feed ASSP)

    But if there was an overwhelming reason why it should not run on a PFSense box, I would not try.  I figured I would ask the experts and the users that have been around longer then I have on PFSense.

    So my questions:

    1. Why was the package dropped? No Interest, Bad idea to run on PFSense?
    2. Can I get my hands on the old package? Is it all in the CVS? (Note: I found a few things but am not sure if I have the right files since I have never done a package.

    I did search with in the forum, and found a few things.

    One thing I do see is a “GUI” problem. ASSP has many configurations that would be hard to get in PFSense. (Well, for me maybe) a Link to open the default ASSP config would most likely be the best way.

    I am by far no programmer, so I will not fool myself with possibly keeping up (or making a new package yet). But since I have been working on installing ASSP on a test PfSense box, I would love to see what has been done already. (From the current ASSP ports)

    Maybe if there is enough interest, a bounty would be the way to go, but for now I wanted to see what I could do.

    In the true meaning of finding the right solutions, I have been following the SpamD package and will be testing that soon also.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • The ASSP package was dropped because it was broken and the person who was working on the package stopped working on it.  Since no one was interested in taking it on, it would have continued to sit, broken.

    Check out the spamd package.  It still is a work in progress, but we're using it and its good times.

  • Thanks submicron!
    Yes, I plan on testing the SpamD package. (we might have a site to try soon)

    We like the feature set and configuration options of ASSP. (Email/Domain/Ip white list, Active Directory email validation of real email users. Not to mention the building/feeding, and whit listing of spam/not spam by users. But it also lacks some features) This is why I wanted to find out more of the history and where the old files could be. Wanted to try and see what i could do.

    It is a shame that it was not maintained…IMO...it is a good product.

    Maybe spamD has theses features and I just do not have my facts straight….will look more. (I do see IP white/black list)
    Thanks again

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