NUT Drivers not working for specific models

  • Though the generic APC Back-UPS, with Auto USB did work.
    I would like to mention that the current NUT driver still does not work with specified models.
    My 1500VA 900W backup battery does not work, even though this issue has been reported since 2012.
    The generic driver did work for me however, and I am happily chugging along. :)

  • agreed…
    My Cyberpower only works under NUT if I use APC-Back UPS settings.
    I know there is just a myriad of UPS makers and units out there but it would be nice to get it a little closer to true.

  • Here is my NUT experience: First the Details: PFSense Version 2.2.6 Nut Version 2.1.2 and UPS: APC Back-UPS NS1350 connected via USB. PFSense is 32 bit version running on Intel P4 PC with Intel NIC cards and 1.5 GB Memory.

    If I set Nut to Generic UPC USB and Auto USB and run the command /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
        I get No upstype set
        Driver Failed to Start

    If I set Nut to APC Back-UPS USB and Auto USB I get:
      No matching HID UPS found
      Driver failed to start

    If I set Nut to APC Smart-UPS USB and Auto USB I get:
        No matching HID UPS found
        Driver failed to start

    After a week or two of rebooting firewall once a week, Nut will suddenly start upon reboot with the settings left on APC-Smart-UPS USB and Auto.

    Then after a month or two of it working, after a reboot, Nut will fail to start for a week or two or three.

    I have more than on one installation with this same configuration, and I have the same problem with each one of them.

    If someone can come up a with a file to edit or something to fix this issue, it would be great!



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