What type of installation?

  • I am sorry, but I am very new to this and am confused as to what installation I should choose?  On the installation page it has - 64-bit vs 32-bit, Full vs Embedded vs LiveCD, LiveCD vs Memstick vs Memstick Serial, NanoBSD vs NanoBSD+VGA?  I was planning on installing on Oracle's VirtualBox or VMware Workstation 12.  My host computer is a Windows 10 and I had planned on downloading it to a flashdrive?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.  :-\

  • 64 bit vs 32 bit is the architecture. Most machines anymore are 64 bit but some small appliances are still only 32 bit.
    Here are some examples of appliances…

    Embedded is configured to rarely write to it's storage disk so as to not wear out the disk. Embedded loads then runs from RAM.
    LiveCD is a way to try before you install, if you would like to install. Once a liveCD session is restarted everything is lost unless it has been installed to a bootable storage device.
    NanoBSD, I'd google that one, I personally know very little about nano devices.
    Nano+VGA is a nano device that has a VGA port for a monitor
    Memstick is a image that can be written directly to a USB flash drive (there by erasing everything on it) to make it a bootable liveCD in a way. I personally use this method to install directly to machines because the install happens in about a minute and a half vs 5 minutes from CD.
    Memstick Serial is for those that don't have a video port but everything can be viewed via a serial console port.

    Being you didn't understand some of this it sounds like you're pretty new, that's ok.
    My recommendation is download the 64bit LiveCD ISO, mount it in your virtual CDROM for your virtual machine and perform a install. This will create a virtual pfsense you can play with.
    You will need 2 NICs for that virtual machine. One will be for internet connectivity, the other for LAN. You will need to decide how you want to connect these interfaces.
    Once running you will need to brows to the LAN IP address which is by default and log into your newly created box.
    Once in you can start playing around

    I hope that helps

  • I did end up doing that, but I downloaded it to my flash drive and extracted the files.  According to a video I saw about it, I made one NIC bridged for the WAN and one internal for the LAN.  it said it made my WAN DHCP, but it shows no IP address for the WAN - only one for the LAN?  I am currently staying at a hotel and have no access to their router or anything like that - not sure if that matters or not?  Plus my host computer itself is running only on wifi as the hotel has made it that way.  Please see below ss for what I am referring to.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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