Lost WAN connection on all clients, where to start looking?

  • I have had 2.2.6 up and running for two days, and it has been solid (or so I think anyway) up until about 20 mins ago. I lost WAN on all clients, and 100% packet loss to (from PFsense). I could log into the GUI, and I the dashboard indicated that the WAN was up. I rebooted PFSense box, and WAN is back. IP address is still the same. Where in the logs should I start to see what the issue was?

  • Start at the time of the issue and look around.
    How are your MBUF's?
    Could you ping from PfSense's Diagnostics?

  • I am now getting very spotty performance to the point where I went back to my Netgear router. I am lucky to get 2 hours before I have an issue with the WAN. Nothing has changed and I am still running the same hardware and configuration (2.2.6 with OpenVPN as the only package). I can consistently access the GUI through the browser, but I cannot ping from the GUI. A restores WAN access, but only for a short period of time.

    It's not a problem with the ISP or Modem because I am 100% reliable on my Netgear router.

    MBUF is always less than 10%. Can anybody point me to a good starting point in the logs to start looking? I don't see anything in the logs that stands out as being the issue, but that is likely the result of my noobiness.

    As I understand it, PFsense is picky about NICs, and I thought the issue may be the integrated NIC on the Mobo, but it did work just fine for about a day and a half.

  • Your issues sounds very similar to mine.

    Been up and running for a year and last week WAN1 went down, restarted and all was fine but been a touch patchy since with interweb. Looses connection every now and then. Although hasn't for the past few days (touch wood) but a bit lost at the moment!

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