OpenVPN + quagga OSPF how to?

  • I'm not new to OpenVPN but I am new to Quagga. Can someone help direct me in a how-to manner in setting up Quagga?

    I've got Quagga installed on both pfsense boxes.

    The scenario: 2 offices

    Office A (Server):
    WAN - Cable internet
    DSLGW - DSL internet

    Office B (Client):
    WAN - Cable internet

    I have setup OpenVPN server on Office A with 1194, TCP, TUN, shared key, listening on localhost.
    I have setup OpenVPN client on Office B with same settings except advanced settings filled in: remote 1194 tcp-client

    I want to make it so that when a internet connection goes down at the server, the client can still connect.

    How do I go about doing this?



    After much reading it looks like OSPF is not something you'd use in this scenario but rather only if both Offices had 2 WAN connections. Am I correct? If so, then what do you use to make transitions from down'd connections smoother?

  • nobody knows this? :/

  • show screenshots & explain what it doesn't do

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