Are there larger embedded downloads available?

  • I have 32-GB and 64-GB usb sticks that I want to run pfSense from.  The largest image on the download page is only 4GB.  Are there plans to make larger images for bigger USB sticks?

  • The size of the image doesn't have to match the usb stick size, as long as it's big enough it'll work. PFSense doesn't need anything larger. But with a larger stick you have the ability to have PFsense create a secondary image that can be booted from, which comes in handy when doing upgrades and a way to fall back should something fail.

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    @bob The nano images have the second slice (alternative installation you can switch to if you messed up the other install/slice) built-in. "Installation" of the nano image is simply by copying to the medium with dd or Windiskimager.

  • Just use the 4GB Image für USB sticks. If you need more storage use a ssd.

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