AWS/VPC Ipsec + BGP - 1 tunnel works, 2 tunnel disconnect every 40sec

  • Hello,

    I have two pfsense 2.2.6. First in one location and second in different. On first pF both Tunnels are UP and BGP works like a charm.

    Second location. Tunnel-1 is up and runing, but second Tunnel is flapping every 40 second. In second place I have totally different ISP. Because of first location I'm guessing I know how to connect both Tunnels. But that second one is flapping.

    And my questions are:

    • could is it problem with my second ISP?
    • where I can check what happened during Phase 1 on Tunnel 1?

    I have checked logs but nothing to see there. I will understand if I will have problem with two Tunnels, but only with one.

    Thank you for any ideas and help.

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