How To Block Youtube Without Blocking Google

  • Is there any way of blocking youtube without blocking google?

  • yes there is,

    First install Squid3 and squidguard

    then follow these steps to implement WPAD

    If you are running windows server and it controls the DHCP/DNS

    you need to create a Record A on the DNS server and a 252 of DHCP

    now that squidguard will handle HTTPs requests and http(need to run transparent proxy)

    Also the guide say to block ports 80/443 i say its not really necessary because now these days every one runs chrome and it uses auto detect proxy, but of course if they use system settings on Firefox or change the settings on chrome it ignores WPAD so thats why it says to block it but thats only if the user is clever to change it.

    OR if you firefox you need to manually add the auto detect proxy

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