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  • Hello,

    I am a noob to pfsense so please excuse my ignorance.  I am trying to set up a pfsense box mainly for testing purposes right now.  I have installed pf sense to the hard drive of a machine with a network card and a wireless network card.  I am trying to use the wireless as my WAN and the network card as my LAN.  What I am trying to accomplish is that the pfsense box pick up my wireless connection from my router and distribute it out through the network card. So I set up the WAN as because my router is and put the gateway as Then i put in the ssid and the security. When i hook a cable up to another computer (straight through cable), it picks up an ip address. I can then go to the web interface and go to because that is the ip address of the LAN for this network.  I can then change the settings or whatever. I can also ping the router.  However I cannot get online. Please someone let me know what I am doing wrong or give me a good configuration instructions for what I am trying to accomplish.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If your WAN is you'll need to change your LAN to something other than that. If the same subnet is on both sides, it won't work because it doesn't know what's what.

  • nick u should get bryant to bring u over my house one day cause i can get you fixed up.  why must you have that first router? let pfsense do it all

  • Thanks got it working with the one lan. I am now trying to load balance. I have two wans coming in my pfsense, one is through ethernet and the other is wireless. I want to be able to tell it to only use a certain amount of each connection. For example on of my connections speed tests at 20,000 kbps and I only want to use 10,000 kbps. Can anyone help?

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