Upgrade fails every other time

  • Hi everyone!

    Every other time I upgrade pfSense, the upgrade will fail in a way that leaves the pfSense in some unbootable state. Yesterday I did the update from 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 and ended up with a boot loop and corrupt file systems. On an other upgrade I had a broken boot environment/kernel.

    I'm running pfSense on a Jetway JBC373F38-525-B from a mSATA SSD. I also have a CF running pfSense 2.1.5 as a fallback solution so I can still boot a working configuration if the update fails, as usual  :-\

    Maybe the SSD is a problem? Or having two block devices at the same time? Anyone with a similar configuration and maybe similar problems and even a solution?


  • Is "PowerD" and/or "Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration" turned on?
    If yes, turn 'em off and give it a try!
    Do you have any other "Advanced Settings" on?

    Oh, and another thing to look for. What Power Supply are you using. Is it an external brick style like Laptop PSU? If yes, can you test it(not just with a volt meter) OR replace it temporarily. They do go bad some times!

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