Routing and ICMP redirect.

  • Newbie to pfSense and routing generally so apologies if solution simple.

    Setting up a home virtualized network under Hyper-V for Windows exam prepare, and to spice things up have thrown in a pfSense firewall/router to my Internet router and Ubuntu router within virtualized environment to be able use WAN features like BranchCache. Everything running fine, can connect between networks etc.

    I set-up Quagga OSFPd on pfSense and Quagga on Ubuntu, running zebra & ospfd, so that they would automatically advertise/know about other networks. That all works fine. Bit that seems odd is pfSense LAN interface (hn1,, and which is set as default gateway for LAN servers/clients, does not perform ICMP redirect for routes available through Ubuntu router (eth1, even though it knows about them via OSPF.

    If I set-up a static route pointing the Ubuntu ( servers/clients can connect to other networks, i.e. pfSense sends ICMP redirects, but why does pfSense need a static for a route it knows about via OSPF?


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