Load balance stopped working after WAN1 fail

  • Hi all,

    I posted a topic recently about my failover related to this issue but I need to take a few more steps back so here goes.

    My WAN1 went down last week after a year of the system working perfectly using load balancing. Pfsense didn't failover to WAN2 however I do believe this is due to me not adding the firewall rule.

    After some poking around I have both my gateways back up and they seem to be staying online apart from some high latency ever now and then (once or twice a day) so I'm used to this alert.

    After WAN1 went down, my load balance doesn't seem to work anymore as I have a considerably less speed. Loadbalanced I averaged a 35-40mb connection from my two Vigor 120 modems (PPPOE). Now my speed tests max out at 7meg and my traffic graphs show that traffic is only leaving one WAN port.

    Has anybody got any idea what's going on? Both gateways online, with DNS different servers. Routing is set-up correctly with my firewall rules in the right places with my common ports in an alias used in the balance and failover rule.

    I can ping from either gateways when one of them is unplugged so it appears they're truly online.

    Any ideas how I can get this back to normal?

  • It was a BT issue. I shouldn't doubt myself so much haha!

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