Unable to access anything except for internet until 15 min passes by

  • Hello,

    I'm really stumped. All this accessing problems started after configuring pfSense VPN client for Private Internet Access. Each time I start my PC I'm unable to receive mail, access my webserver using remote desktop connection, access my wireless router webpage and unable to view my internal website I'm hosting for 15 minutes. As soon as the 15 minutes passes everything works fine, I'm able to access all that I mentioned above this happens each time after shutting down and restarting my PC. I was unable to see anything in the firewall logs to would point me in the right direction.

    My configuration change I needed to do in order for PIA to work with my current configuration was to enable the checkbox Don't Pull Routes on the OpenVPN client page, added the DNS server IP address from PIA on the client PC network connection and of coarse rule changes.

    It would be great if anyone can point me in the right direction. Your help would be much appreciated.


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