New NIC causing issues

  • I just got a 4 port NIC (39Y6138 IBM INTEL PRO/1000 PT Quad port PCIe)
    I have a Super micro 1U server as my PF box. I couldn't find my PCI riser so I bought a extender.
    The box booted up fine with it and PF sensed the connections. I even migrated the LAN and WAN to them. (card and switch detected the Gb connections)

    At the box, I could ping out on the shell ( so DNS was working) but the LAN side was not working. One thing also to note was VPN was also down. The DHCP wasn't working and DNS wasn't as well. I couldn't even get to the web config page on port 445.  Rebooting didn't help.  I tried "re-binding" the lan port by setting up the LAN IP on the card but no dice.

    I removed the card, rebound the ports to onboard NIC's and I was back to operation.

    Any ideas?

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