Dropping WAN when Wifi Router connected.

  • I have had PFsense (2.2.6) running 100% for the last 24 hours. The problem I have is that when I connect my Wifi Router (Netgear WNDR4500) to the network, I lose my WAN connection in the whole house. It is 100% repeatable, and as soon as I disconnect the Wifi Router, I get my WAN back. The PFsense box is and the Wifi Router is DHCP server is turned OFF on the Wifi router, and it is connected as follows:

    ISP Modem <> Pfsense Box <> Unmanaged Switch <> Wifi Modem (into LAN port)
    All the clients are also connected to the unmanaged switch.

    Anybody have any ideas? This is a clean install with the exception of the OpenVPN export client.

    Edit: When I lose the WAN, I can still navigate to the GUI, and I can see the external IP, but I cannot check for updates or ping

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