Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet on Intel Dual DP NUC?

  • OK, so I might have bitten off more than I can chew.  I have a Gen5 Intel NUC with a couple of Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapters.  I just loaded up the PFSense on a brand new M.2 SSD, it's up running and without issue except it doesn't detect the dongle on load at all.  Am I missing something or should it see it (with or without a cable attached)>?  I can always force something in loader, but I was hoping that someone would have a BIOS answer or else first.

    Any Ideas?  Thanks in advance!

  • I assume you mean DP is display port. The only thing DisplayPort and thunderbolt have in common is the same connector, so unless the port on the nuc is a thunderbolt port they will never work.  Even then it it's thunderbolt, not sure if it had drivers in FreeBSD/pfsense.

  • Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

    Are this adapters marked as supported in the FreeBSD Hardware list?
    FreeBSD supported hardware

  • @SkinnerVic:

    I have a Gen5 Intel NUC with a couple of Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

    Intel NUCs only have mini-DisplayPort jacks, not Thunderbolt, IIRC. That wouldn't be supposed to work, even though it's the same jack.

  • I didn't even think about it being purely display.  Quite honestly, I rand my last desktop rig for a few months off of actual Thunderbolt ports, that were driver altered to do DP display.  I can see now, Thunderbolt->DP (OK) - DP->Thunderbolt (No way, no service bus behind it).

    I started mulling options…  this popped up on my radar because there is a free miniPCIe port:

    Anyone tried that?  It's Intel, it's on the FreeBSD compatibility list (heaven forbid I get the RealTek).  I just have to figure out how to gracefully deal with getting it out of the box, etc.

  • Maybe these guys have something that can fit your hardware or at least something that can be made to.
    They mill the housings themselves.

  • Chris - I appreciate it, but that's a bit too heavy of scratch from my pocket.  I decided to give up and go another route, of which when I have it done I will post what I did (testing it first). It should be a barn burner for under $500.

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