.ssh authorized_keys file removed for non-root, non-admin user after upgrade

  • I've verified this on multiple systems now and they all exhibit the same behavior. After upgrades (even small point upgrades), a manually created authorized_keys file for a non-root, non-admin user is removed and not recreated. I read in other posts where this is expected behavior for root/admin, but not for other users. Is there any way to include this in the backup/restore? Thanks!

  • Never manually put that there, it must be in the authorized keys field in the user manager for all users.

  • All the years I've been using pfSense and I never knew that was there! I was instead creating them via an authorized key file transfer at the command line. I performed an upgrade using this methodology and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

    P.S. Chris, just a heads up… This is part of a monitoring project for pfSense that I will eventually be releasing. ;-) Good karma!

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