Trouble getting static IP setup with DPC3939b

  • We have Comcast Business at our office and just recently received our c2758. I've been working on getting one of our static IPs setup as the WAN and have been having a number of problems

    We have a small block of IPs:
    IP one 50.195.x.a
    IP two 50.195.x.b
    Gateway 50.195.x.c

    Our current setup is using 50.195.x.a on a tomato usb router with as gateway (internal ip of DPC3939). I understand from my reading that pfsense wouldn't work with this so I used the external gateway IP provided by Comcast on the pfsense box.

    I set to static IP
    IP 50.195.x.b /24 (Also tried 32 while troubleshooting but on tomato is set as
    Gateway 50.195.x.c

    The gateway shows as up in pfsense. I'm easily able to ping the gateway from pfsense. I'm also able to ping 50.195.x.a from pfsense.

    I am not able to ping anything actually external to our office from pfsense though.

    I'm not really sure where to even go from here since our other devices including the tomato router seem to function with no problem whatsoever.  What should my next step be?

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