NetGate pfSense router constantly rebooting.

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    OK, while I'm not completely new to mucking around with pfSense, I have apparently introduced some really bad voodoo into my NetGate m1n1wall configuration.  Now, my router is just rebooting, over and over, and I'm unsure how to get it back to a working state.  (Thank goodness for wireless hotspots, or I wouldn't even be able to leave this message.)

    Originally, I was trying to figure out why my wireless printer will not work.  It got an IP address and showed up in the DNS server, but beyond resolving the address from the name, nothing would work.  The last change I made was to alter the "Mode" of the wireless to "Ad-Hoc" because a post I read elsewhere suggested setting the IBSS capability to "on," and the system wouldn't let me do that with the mode set to Access Point.  But, I digress.  This is elementary at the moment, as I am completely down.

    What do I need to do in order to get my router reset to a known good configuration?  I do have a backup file that I can get hold of.  While it will be VERY inconvenient, I have access to a computer and a serial cable.  So, if it's really necessary, I can set up my device and get to the console - assuming that the rebooting process even gets that far.


  • Sounds like you found a combination of wireless options that causes a kernel panic, and are left with a config that crashes before it gets to a point that you can change that configuration.

    If you want to recover what's on that card, you can get a serial console on it, boot it into single user mode, move a config backup prior to that change from /cf/conf/backup/ to /cf/conf/config.xml, then reboot and you'll be back in business.

    If that's not something you're comfortable doing, then it's probably faster to just re-flash the CF card, boot it up with the serial console connected and assign the interfaces as desired, then get into the web interface and restore your config backup.
    You want the 32 bit, nanobsd, serial console, then pick the size of your CF.

  • Thanks for the rapid feedback.  I was afraid that would be the answer.  I'm comfortable enough with the recovery process.  It's only inconvenient because the hardware I need to boot from the console is buried in the back of a room full of boxes right now, and I'm disabled.  I guess, I'll call a friend to come over and help dig it all out.

    Much appreciated.

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