Recommended packages

  • Having finally managed to get pfSense working I am keen on installing some packages to help maintain my LAN.

    Are there any 'musthave' packages that I should try - there seem to be so many available….

    I thought I would install Squid for a start. How do I tell how much free disk space I have? Is the an option in the GUI?

  • pfBlockerNG for sure

  • It depends entirely on what you want to do. If you want to manage site blacklists and such, then Squid/Squidguard would be a good way of accomplishing that. If you want to log/view traffic, then Ntop is the answer. There are no real "must-have's" - just install what you need to do the job.

    To see how much disk space you have, click on 'Diagnostics/Command prompt'. Type 'df -h' in the field below 'Execute Shell comamnd' and then click on the 'Execute' button. The dashboard also shows disk usage near the bottom.

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