Quagga cannot be restored on full system restore

  • I found a bug that if firewall restore is needed from config file. Quagga won't be restored and will prevent other packages to be restored as well.

    And on top of that, it is impossible to make Quagga functional after full restore. Quagga service won't run no matter what. Reinstall package, clean it's settings etc.

    Step to repro, given there a Quagga package settings in restore file:

    a) Restore settings


        1. Do fresh install
        2. Restore settings


    1. Completely strip all quagga settings in config file (e.g. with text editor)
    2. Restore (I've only tried b), clean install)
    3. Install & set up quagga anew

    With workaround other packages got installed on restore (step 2).

    It is quite painful for a distant restore if you rely on routing to access the box. So, assistant PC with TeamViewer is needed to complete the routing. Or, SSH (double)tunneling the HTTP

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Hmm, I wasn't able to reproduce that here.

    It's likely also not an issue on 2.3 due to changes in the package system. If you can replicate it reliably, you might give a 2.3 snapshot a test.

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