Tinc, multi-wan failover, gateway switching

  • I've replaced a bundle of cumbersome (OpenVPN/p2p + Quagga OSPF) to use [tink + OSPF].

    I am very happy with result. However, there is a shortcoming: no way for tinc to use gateways group, the way OpenVPN does.

    I've managed to make some intermediary solution by using a Gateway switching (System -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous -> Load Balancing -> Enable default gateway switching

    That helps, but missing more powerful failover functionality.

    I've done some tcpdump inspection, it looks like tinc works on default gateway (WAN Interface). So there is no way to reroute it's traffic with LAN firewall

    Hopefully, it works like OpenVPN does, OpenVPN -> Client -> Interface -> [Gateway group]

    Is there a way to make it in command line for now?

  • Hi Vetal,

    Do you happen to have any screenshots of how you got OSPF working with Tinc?


  • @vetal Still using tinc? Find a better multi-wan solution for it?

  • I'm looking into howto do this. It should be tottally possible. The GUI seems to get in the way though with its enforcements. eg you dont seem to be able to create a bridge without any interfaces in. If i could I would be able to have the ip config under pfsenses control, which would allow me to setup ospf in the gui by selecting the bridge interface. I could then just run a ifconfig addm command in the tinc interface up bit to link it all together. No joy, and why cant I have an ipless tinc setup?

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