"Bridge" two remote servers together

  • Hey,

    I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions. I have the following setup:

    Location 1:
    Single Server running a HyperVisor (with a pfSense VM)
    /29 IP Block (5 usable IPs)
    Internal Network: 10.0.10.x (Subnet Mask

    Location 2:
    Single Server running a HyperVisor (with a pfSense VM)
    /30 IP block (1 usable IP)
    Internal Network: 10.0.20.x (Subnet Mask

    Location 2 has a more powerful server with some VM's that I'd like to have publicly available, however, we are not able to get anymore IP's for that location, whereas we have a surplus of IP's at Location 1.

    I have an OpenVPN setup between the two locations. Location 1 acting as the VPN server, and Location 2 acting as the VPN client. It works great, I'm able to map network drives between the two networks, printers, visiting internal sites on either network, etc. So, On pfSense at location one, I created a Port Forwarding rule so that anything coming into a specific IP on a specific port will be routed over to a 10.0.20.x client at location 2. Since I'm able to map drive, visit internal sites, etc… I figured this would work flawlessly... but it isn't.

    I'm not a networking guru, so please bare with me. I am a Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory/Powershell person, all this is completely out there for me and I'm totally lost as to why it isn't working.


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