Connect LANs

  • Hello all,

    I am new to pfSense and I am reading since a few hours now.
    My setup is:

    WAN /24
    LAN1 /24
    LAN2 /24

    I can connect to the www from LAN1, bit I cannot ping a computer in LAN2.
    Do I have to find:

    • the right firewall rule or

    • do I have to work on the NAT section?

    • or do I have to set a route somehow?

    In LAN 2 I have two servers.
    So I want that all the clients from /24 can connect to the servers in /24
    The rest of the traffic should go to the WAN interface.

    Thank you

  • Hello together,

    I just saw that there is also a German pfSense Forum.
    So I postet my question there too.
    I dont want to double post.

    But still, I could use a hint, I am realy stuck  :(


  • Before we start speculating and making assumptions, please post a network map and show us how your network is physically connected.

  • Hello marvosa,

    thank you for your reply.
    Yesterday I figured it out.
    I didn't use Outbound NAT which solved my problem  :D


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