Loss of performance after upgrade

  • So recently I decided to upgrade my pf hardware.  I went from a C2D to a dual core I5 and SSD that I got for free.

    Anyway previously I was running version 2.2.1 so with new hardware comes a new pf version.  Anyway I previously had 3 x 3mb ATT dsl wan links and 1 lan all operating like a well oiled machine pulling down between 8-10mb per Speedtest.net. I could have three pc's all pulling Youtube and the wife and I could enjoy Netflix/Hulu without interruption. And for clarity's sake I have roughly 18 devices all hitting the internets here at any given time.

    Anyway since the replacement I've been lucky to break the 5MB mark.  Outside of the pf software and hardware nothing else has changed.

    I have the routing group configured with all 3 wan's set at tier 1, with a trigger of high latency or packet loss.  I have three new DNS servers set as alternative monitoring IP's based off DNS Bench's top three based on response time.  The only Lan firewall rule I have for ipv4 is set to use RG1 (routing group 1) as the gateway.

    Also in terms of overall resource load I have BandwidthD installed but that's the only package I have. there is no traffic shaper configured, even though I had wanted to try it.

    1st question is, did I miss anything on multi-wan config?
    2nd question is, are there any built in or packages I can install to help verify if all three wan links are actually being used?


  • 1. restore your old system and confirm it's still functioning as you expect.
    2. Take a full backup
    3. Install 2.2.1 on your new hardware and restore  your 2.2.1 backup and see if it still works as expected.
    4. Upgrade to 2.2.6 and see what happens.

  • Hmm, so so there are new found issues with the old box.

    I plug it in and swap over all the interface cables, and get logged in. A couple of the wan ports are down, so I bounce the dsl modems. They all come back up but something strange, wan 1 and 3 have identical gateways.  Power cycle again and same thing… very strange.
    I cannot resolve any external host, nothing.  Check the General Setup and yes there are 5 DNS servers specified.  All the interface settings are right.

    So I delete wan 2 and 3, the GW group and verify the firewall rules are now looking at * for a GW.  still no internet access, no DNS resolution.

    Check the DHCP leases and my IP is not listed.  release/renew have a valid IP.  Refresh the DHCP Leases page and mine is still not listed.  Change the primary and secondary DNS server, release/renew I have them.. the two new DNS IP's but still my leases does not appear in the list.

    So I swap back to the new box to post this reply.  I sear on my mothers grave that the old box worked when removed from service roughly a month ago now.

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