Slow bandwidth high CPU consumption

  • I have been experiencing relatively slow bandwidth in comparison to what I'd expect.  As I was conducting research I also found that my CPU consumption appears to be high.

    I think my configuration is quite simple, I have 1 WAN, 3 VLANs and a couple rules to block some interlan traffic but nothing too crazy.

    Does anyone have any idea of why my bandwidth would seem slow?  One of the things that tipped me off is sometimes messages would get delayed when replying on Google Hangouts.

      11 root    155 ki31    0K    16K RUN    1 335.4H 100.00% idle{idle: cpu1}
      11 root    155 ki31    0K    16K CPU0    0 331.7H  96.39% idle{idle: cpu0}
    41090 root      30    0 78632K 25168K accept  0  0:01  1.46% php-fpm
        0 root    -92    0    0K  112K -      0 171:59  0.39% kernel{em0 taskq}
      12 root    -92    -    0K  160K WAIT    0 101:10  0.20% intr{irq17: bge0 em1}
    78424 dchun    20    0 11384K  2640K CPU1    1  0:00  0.10% top
      12 root    -92    -    0K  160K WAIT    1  29:20  0.00% intr{irq16: ath0 em0+}
      12 root    -60    -    0K  160K WAIT    0  10:43  0.00% intr{swi4: clock}
    39540 root      20    0 10356K  2000K bpf    0  8:14  0.00% filterlog

    interrupt                          total      rate
    irq16: ath0 em0+              310670625        254
    irq17: bge0 em1                219207712        179
    irq19: uhci2 uhci4*                4784          0
    cpu0:timer                    1372204335      1126
    irq256: hdac0                        79          0
    cpu1:timer                      45235841        37
    Total                        1947323376      1598

  • Specs of the box, cpu, # cores, ethernet adaptors, etc?
    What you show below is 2 cpus, both spending the majority of time in the idle thread.  Idle thread is where system spend time when it has nothing better to do.

    A more complete description of your configuration, perhaps screenshots of rules would help folks help you.

  • I am using a HP-t5740:
    Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N280 @ 1.66GHz
    2 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 1 core(s) x 2 HTT threads

    I have a dual gigabit card, I can't remember the one that I am using.

    I added traffic shaping and things appear to be running better.  I'm sure I could clean up the firewall rules.

  • As mer said, your CPU shows it's not busy at all.  As for 'feels slow' perhaps you could try an Internet speed tester to see what it is really capable of doing.  Delayed chat messages could be any number of external issues that have nothing to do with pfSense.

  • whats the output of ifconfig -a?  Is your WAN interface at the correct speed and duplex? 
    What did you do with "traffic shaping"?

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