Asrock Q1900M + 2x HP NC364T?

  • Hell folks.

    I decided to upgrade my Vernier Networks AM6500 that has an older GA-GC330UD Dualcore Atom with onboard Realtek 8102e and a 3com 3c940 Gbit pci nic. Performance has been enough but would like to move away from the pci-bus and have more nics.

    The Asrock q1900m has three pci-e slots, one of which is a physical 16x but 1x electrical (so basically three 1x slots). The HP NC364T cards are 4x 1.0 and the motherboard slots are 2.0 so would I have any issues with bandwidth?

    Also, are there any issues with the q1900m board when running pfsense?

  • I can't say that it won't work but the J1900 SoC only has 4 PCIe lanes total.  Most likely, some of the PCIe slots are shared (either between themselves or with other items on board).  Personally, I would guess that you won't get full bandwidth on 2 x 4Gbps cards but that's just a guess based on the number of lanes available.

  • Thanks for the input. yeah, that does make sense and i might have been better off with dual-port nics.
    Guess I'll have to try things out and see how it works. I only need two gbits, but more ports to separate wireless, server etc.

  • I have the Q1900M with 1x HP NC364T at the x16 slot,
    and 2 PCI-e Gigabit adapters at the x4 slots.
    These 2 Gigabit adapters are my WAN and LAN, the HP NC364T is for 3 separate LAN's and 1 DMZ,
    this DMZ is bridged with my WAN interface.
    At this DMZ port i can reach the maximum speed what my ISP offer me. (200Mbps down / 12Mbps up).


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