Can both IPSec and OpenVPN be enabled in PFSense?

  • Using PFSense, we currently have IPSec configured to connect our main office to our data center. We now would like to setup OpenVPN as the VPN to our main office network (so that we can fully work from home / remote locations as necessary): Is it possible to have both IPSec and OpenVPN enabled in PFSense? Or will one, in any way, step on the other?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    They can coexist fine so long as they aren't both trying to carry the same network traffic.

    So OpenVPN from A to B and IPsec from B to C is OK, or even IPsec from A to B and OpenVPN remote access, etc, etc. You just can't have the exact same source and destination on both IPsec and OpenVPN.