Ultra Surf vs pfSense

  • I was researching other features of SmoothWall as compared to pfSense and saw this - http://www.smoothwall.net/news/newsitem.php?id=1426, never heard of Ultra surf but after looking briefly at it - does pfSense have a feature to deter things like Ultra Surf?  NOTE:  I would prefer pfSense - just looking for features that would be beneficial in spreading it use more…say schools.

  • That's an application thing - if somebody releases an open-source product that can do that it can be added as a package.

  • Defeating applications like this are relatively simple and should not be handled at the firewall level.  It's relatively trivial to deploy workstations and user accounts that prohibit users from installing software.  This, in conjunction with a decent content filter are all you need.

  • hi guys,

    I achieve block ultra surf through this rule in my LAN interface: reject all protocols, source LAN Subnet, source ports all, to, any destination ports on default gateway. I hope help.

    see ya.

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