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  • Hello everyone,

    I am hoping to implement pfSense in a Local LAN + WAN with remote offices setting.

    The box will be a firewall between our LAN/PrivateWAN and the real world.

    Currently the Routing/NATting is done by the Cisco Router.

    I have available a box with 4 NICS.

    Using the diagram below, (OK, I realize I am not the Picasso of ASCII) could someone please guide me on where in my network ( A, B, C) I would insert the pfSense firewall, and how to assign interfaces?



    OUR WAN                                Cisco Router
    192.168.2.x -|                        –-----------------
    192.168.3.x -|<gre tunnel="">|    Gig0/0        |
    192.168.4.x -|        |                      |
    192.168.5.x -|<----(A)–-->  |      |
    192.168.6.x -|                      |                        |
    192.168.7.x -|                      -------------------
                                                |                      |
                                                |                      |
                                                |    FAST 0/0      |
      OUR LAN                            |                      |
    192.168.12.x <-----(B)–->    |  |
                                                |                      |
                                                |                      |
                                                |--- --------------|
                                                |                        |
                                                |      Gig 0/1      |
                                                |                        |
                                                |To ISP-PUBLIC IP|
                                                        ^ 210.x.x.1
                                                        | 210.x.x.2
                                          ISP ROUTER – PUBLIC IP

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    pfsense would be able to completely replace your cisco router if you wanted too.

  • Now that's a thought. But, will it handle

    450+ users on "Our WAN"

    12 users + 8 servers (mail, web, etc..) on "Our LAN"

    200Mbps to ISP.

    And, for the sake of comparison, what about my original question? Can it be done?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    There are deployments of pfsense in much much much larger than your tiny network ;)  No offense intended..  With much faster connections than 200mbps.

    If you just want it to firewall between your local networks and the internet - yeah can do that just put at C, if you want it to firewall between A and B then put it it either place and it will firewall that where you put it from the internet and your other location.

    You could also just put a pfsense in all three spots..

    But the simple solution is to just replace the cisco all together..

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