IPv4 to IPv6

  • Hey guys, I need to know if this is possible or not and if so, maybe a pointer or two as to how…

    I have a Samsung Smart TV that is only IPv4 capable.  My WAN and LAN both support IPv6 in addition to normal IPv4 traffic.  My goal is for the TV to basically communicate over WAN via IPv6.

    I was thinking that maybe a DNS server designed to make incoming requests for IPv4 addresses could return IPv6 numbers instead and then software routing would make the IPv6 connection (all being transparent to the originating TV and internet server).  Basically a man in the middle translator service.

    I have looked and searched google, but I am not sure what the query should be to accomplish such a task.  By the way, this is all a goal to defeat the IPv4 IP Bans that NetFlix has recently tightened up on for VPNs.


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    Your best bet would be to get a stick like chromecast or amazon firestick or roku that supports IPv6 if your tv doesn't have native ipv6 support as of yet.

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    While it is possible for IPv6 to talk to IPv4 (in theory) using special addresses, the reverse isn't true. You'd need a full proxy to take the requests from the IPv4 host and then issue new IPv6 requests out from the proxy itself.

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