• Good Evening Folks…i need help with a minor issue that I am having with pfSense...the setup is as follows

    pfSense (CHERRY)

    1 - WAN (pppoe)
    2 - WAN2 (static -> isp router)
    3 - LAN (
    4 - TUNNEL (newly created interface

    I have setup another pfSense box (PEACH) on the other end of the TUNNEL interface (wireless bridge) with 2 interfaces

    1 - WAN (
    2 - LAN (

    From PEACH i am able to ping/connect to the following ( & which are the AP's being used to bridge the buildings, so I know that I can physicallly connect to everything on the PEACH side....but on the CHERRY side (the existing pfsense) I cannot ping anything other that the interface address, I can't even connect to the there something that I am missing?

    In an attempt to narrow down the problem I have opened up all firewall rules on the TUNNEL interface as well as allowing everything from LAN -> TUNNEL, but still none the wiser.

    Am i missing something?

    Can someone

  • Ok, still needing some advice…but I have moved forward....

    I know can ping all devices on the range BUT only from the pfSense console.....what am I missing! Please help its doing my head in.

  • Can you show a screenshot from your LAN rules?

    If you want to access an interface directly you have to create a rule that doesnt force the traffic to the loadbalancer (since you seem to use 2 WAN's).

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