No traffic over ipsec

  • So I have a couple IPsec pfsense to pfsense tunnels up and running pushing over 90mbps over, however i have added one lately that i cannot get to pass traffic over. When i ping from the remote to main site it shows on the packet capture of the main site, however when pinging from the main site back to the remote site it wont show on the packet capture on the remote site. i have enabled the necessary rules as i did in the past and basically made the settings the same as all other tunnels. The tunnel is green obviously since i can ping 1 way without a response that is. would a modem cause this i have my uverse modem in passthrough with firewall disabled. I'm at a loss..

  • and yes the firewall rule is added for any traffic over IPsec. and to clarify this is an additional site to site to my current site to multi site setup.

  • Update: it started working after letting it sit for a while, not sure how I can explain that…

  • Banned

    IPsec tunnels need NSA/GCHQ approval before coming functional, I had that several times in the past. openVPN the apparently crack on-the-fly, so they "work" out of the box… ;-)

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